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I purchased a brand new mower and it no longer worked after 10 days. I contacted them and told them that the new Husqvarna mower I purchased from them had a manufactures defect on the deck. One of the blade shafts was warped. I also purchased the three year extended warranty but was told it would take at least three weeks to get someone out to fix it. So my 10 day old mower with three hours on it would take another three weeks to use. I called them back and said this would not work, I purchased the mower to use on a weekly basis and wanted a exchange because once a lemon always a lemon. I was then told on 05/07/2010 I could go ahead and bring it in. I loaded it up first thing on 05/08/2010 and delivered it to Conns to swap it out. I spoke with a manager he proceeded to tell me that he could not take the mower back because their service department had informed them that I had hit a stump. At no time did I ever say I hit a stump to anyone, the manager then proceeded to call me a liar. I asked the manager to come outside and take a look at the mower and said he was not going to do that. All I wanted was an exchange and I would have been thrilled, but they bluntly told me no… after I had been told on the 7th to bring it up there. I was then informed that a service person would be out to my place today, the 11th, to fix the mower. The service person called me and asked when they could pick the mower up…. I asked him “what do you mean pick it up?””. He said he would pick it up and take it to his shop and have it ready in two to three weeks. What is the point of buying something for summer use

brand new… with a $400 dollar warranty

when you will not be able to use it for the summer. I was so upset and told the service man I would call him back shortly. I have been investigating and found out that Conns was sued last year by the State of Texas on behalf of two thousand consumers for this very reason. The state won that law suit. All I want is a mower that works!!!!”

3295 College St Beaumont, Texas United States of America

(409) 832-1696

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