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My experience with CONN’S has been by far the worst experience yet!! PART 1: I went into the store Friday with a friend who was purchasing some merchandise. After listening to the sales pitch I thought to myself this isn’t a bad place maybe I should see if I get approved. Of course I was approved for the $2000 amount (which I’m not finding is a norm). I picked out a couch and a camera. For whatever reason the transistion couldnt be completed that night and I was asked to return the next day. PART 2: Saturday morning I’m getting calls from Conn’s to come by the store and finish my purchase. I arrived Saturday afternoon and was sitting around the store for several hours not doing anything. I left went and sat down at a deli, ate and came back and STILL had to wait some more. When I finally told the sales man TAI I was leaving and I wanted to just say forget the whole thing he hurried and followed me to the car with his manager SHAWN who would assist me from there. All the sudden everything went really fast. He told me to sign some papers not really explaining them and told me to sign two of each and I recieved neither. He gave me the camera and set up a delivery date for Monday and because I work it would be before 11am but he didnt know an exact time. Mind you I havent paid for anything yet. PART 3: I leave the store with my friend who orignially went in to make a purchase. She had to pay a deposit and it was really weird that I didn’t have to. We were in the car and Conn’s hadn’t collected any money from me nor did they have a way to. I considered not worrying about it but then thought that was really the dishonest thing to do. So about an hour after leaving the store I called back and made them aware of the STORE MANAGER’S mistake and paid over the phone. I was told that I would recieve my receipt and some important documents Monday during my delivery. PART 4: Monday comes around and I’m sleeping in waiting for my delivery. I’ve taken off of work so I’m losing money but I don’t mind you have to do these things some times. At about 8am I recieve a call and it’s the warehouse. The guy on the phone lets me know he’ll be there to deliver my couch anytime between 1pm and 4pm. Uh hello sir just like you I have job that I need to go to and I live alone. I was told in the store before 11am. I would’ve taken off work but I had an important meeting right at 1pm. I was then informed that I would get another call on Tuesday and that the time would be unknown again. I was told by the CSR that they would make sure it would be before 11am this time. PART 5:Tuesday comes along and so does 8am. No phone call from Conn’s. So I finally decide to call about 9am and talk to the warehouse. I’m now informed over the phone that my delivery will come between 3 and 6pm. WTH I’m sitting at home waiting because you said 11am. Okay oh well. I go into work (late mind you) and tell my company president I’ll have to leave early at 3pm. Thankfully it wasn’t a big deal. I asked to get a 30 minute call pprior to getting my furniture so I could leave work and meet them. 3pm comes and no call so I keep working and working. At 4pm I decide to leave work and go home and wait for my delievery. I’m sitting at home at a 5pm I decide to call Conns right when I decide to call them and cancel the whole order literally as the man on the phone was pulling up my account the delivery man calls and states that he’s lost outside. PART 6: The delivery man was beyond rude on the phone and this would later continue in person. It was at this time about 5pm so traffice was kind of bad and it had just finished raining really bad. I gave him perfect directions to my building but because he had to make a sharp uturn and then an immediate right in a large truck he wasn’t able to get to me which I completely understand. On the phone he has an attitude with me like it’s my fault though. He ended up parking his truck 2 building over from mine which meant they would have a little bit of a distant walk. I tried to get him to come into the back parking lot but he had an attitude at this time and was rude and irritated. They decided to dolly the furniture from the truck pass two buildings and up to the 3rd floor where I live. LOL bad idea but hey whatever. SO they finally get the furniture to my apartment and he asks me to sign a paper confirming I recieved the delivery. I did. I asked for my reciept and paperwork and of course he had no clue what I was talking about ugh! PART 7:I’m not worried about the paperwork at this time i’m just finally happy to have my new couch. Now I can move around and worry about other things in life lol. As I’m touching my couch on the back end of it it’s a huge metel piece sticking out the end. WTH?! It’s small enough not to see if you’re not looking for it but big enough to see now that you know it’s there. Being that I didn’t know it was there I cut my thumb really really bad. Majority of my thumb was sliced across this metal piece which caused bad bleeding and is restricting my typing right now (I’m sure you can tell) lol. PART 8: The next morning (today) I called Conn’s to get my paperwork and tell them about the metal piece. Here is where the fun begins. I call the (877) 358-1252 number and get an immediate answer after like 1 one ring which was really weird to me for such a huge company. The girl who answered the phone was beyond rude and ghetto (ugh I hate using that word because it can be as good thing but it was bad in her case… very very very bad lol). I was informed for the first time ever that paper I signed with the delivery man was stating the we inspected the couch and that it was perfect therefore I wouldnt get an exchange. Then when I said I wanted to return the couch I once again hear for the first time that there is a no return policy which was NEVER mention to me. She called the store manager who told her he told me all this when he took my payment and gave me a reciept and some booklet bourchure type thing. Hello?!? How can I get that if I didn’t pay in the store. Remember I paid over the phone being stupid honest Billy?!? Anyways she argued with me, refused to allow me to speak and then hung up on me. PART 9: I called back. (Wow this story is getting long, let me speed it up). I called back talked to a nice guy named DANIEL in collections he said oh no worries we’ll help you out it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet let me get you to the right department for a return. He transferred me to another lady who wsa equally as rude as the first. I’m at this point hot and want to return the cramp because I now HATE this company with a passion. Her attitude was off the chain and I couldnt deal anymore so I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me she was the supervisor. After going back and forth for a while she finally transfers me. The next lady, CRYSTAL I speak to was very calm, polite and helpful (so I thought). She informed me I couldnt return the cramp but I could do a volunteer repo. At this point that’s exactly what I want to do. I don’t care what it does to my credit I just don’t want to deal with Conns anymore. She tells me to go to the store and they will help me with the volunteer repo and they will come pick up the furniture. I’m finally happy and can breath. Mind you ALL these phone calls are while I’m at work. PART 10: Less than 5 minutes after happily ending my last phone call. I get a call from SHAWN the store manager to find out what’s going on. I tell him the whole very long story and he tells me I was informed wrong. I was told NOT to come back to the store ever again if I planned on returning the stuff. If I wanted to return it I needed to speak the customer help line that I just hung up with and that I would have to find a way to return the material myself. I didn’t want to stay on the phone with him long because he too was very rude so I hung up the phone and called back the helpline. I now get a chance to talk to GERALDINE. I’m learning names very well lol. She tells me this whole long story about the last lady was wrong and that they wont pick up the furniture but I can still do the volunteer repo. She transfers me. I’m on hold for 20 minutes and nothing. So I call on my other line. Now I’m on hold for the repo department on TWO PHONE LINES. The second line I had been on hold for about 5 minutes when a lady answers I tell her what im waiting for and she puts me back on hold. About two minutes later geraldine answers the phone surprised that its me. I know this because she says “Oh I think I talked to you earlier””. I told her I’m still on the hold she puts me on and she transfers me again. I held on for a few more minutes and hung up. Now I’m completely stuck. I have no clue what to do. I don’t want anything to do with Conn’s. I’m willing to take the loss of the deposit and even rent a truck to deliver the furniture but I can’t get a hold of anybody or help from the people I talk to. This has been the worst experience ever. All of the employees from in store

delivery and CSR are all extremly rude!! I’m at a lost of what’s the nex step to do from here. #UGH I would NEVER recommend this company to anybody!! Not even my worst enemy.”

5505 W Loop S Fwy Houston, Texas USA

(877) 358-1252

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