Conquer world Wide /Robert Watkins Phoenix Arizona Review


This company represented they could get me a business loan. This so called Dr. Watkins hides behind being a preacher a “do-gooder for the communites and a loan aquistion company. He makes believe you are approved for your business loan after taking down your information and you send him your credit report.. He then tells you he is not going to cahrge his normal filling fee of 3

500.00 to help you get started. After he hits your credit card in my case $2

000.00 he no longer communicates with you and sends you an email refering you to a loan company to start all over! He hides behind the BS that he is loan refferal company afterwards after he steals your money! His picture is not even on his own website! A week after he took all our personal info

someone tried to open Credit account in a bank in Elpaso Texas thousands of miles from where we live! He is under investigation by attorney general

and FBI. He has prayed upon myself and partner who is 86 years old

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