Conrad Schutte Tiffany Dial


The State of New Mexico court case lookup shows 8 | cases in Albuquerque New Mexico and 5 cases in Raton New Mexico. Pled | /NOLO CONTENDERE? to 2 counts of FRAUD in 05/15/2002. His wife has 5 | cases in Raton New Mexico and 7 in Albuquerque New Mexico. ? ? This Man | is also a dead beat dad; he is behind in his child support $79,592.94, | but he drives brand new cars, buys and sells Rolex watches and cars on | eBay. | He will tell you that he works for the FBI, CIA, that he has a | Doctorate? in paranormal studies, from some diploma mill online, He | should have a Doctorate lies and deception and FRAUD. Now he has a | warrant for auto theft in New Mexico. Please don’t trust this man or his | wife with anything that is yours. Please tell your stores about him, | and maybe the police will do something about him. ?

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