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Arrogant Advisors

As a client who has worked with Conservest Capital Advisors for quite some time, I hate to say this, but they arenít worth your money. Those people have some of the most arrogant fiduciaries in the market who donít listen to their clients and certainly donít care about their client service. I have worked with plenty of service providers in my life and I hadnít seen such arrogance anywhere else. Itís as if the people working at this company draw inspiration from TV shows. 

The arrogance of their financial advisors is intolerable. They treat you as if you donít know anything about money and finances. Itís true that many people donít know much about wealth management and these people are the experts. But they donít have to rub it in your face all the time. The subtle remarks about their superiority come off as douchery and is certainly not a good trait. I thought financial advisors are the most sophisticated service providers who really care about their client service and experience. However, thatís not the case with Conservest Capital Advisors. These people are too self-centred to focus on what their clients want and need. 

I read somewhere on their website that they try to understand their clientsí goals and help the achieve the same through providing a personalized service. In reality, thatís nowhere the case. Itís a blatant lie to appear flawless. If they actually cared about their clientsí goals, they would put effort into trying to understand them first. In my experience, my financial advisor from Conservest Capital Advisors never tries to understand my financial goals.

On top of that, just because a financial advisor knows how to suggest investments, it doesnít mean that they are a good professional. A financial advisor should know how to behave in meetings and how to talk to a client professionally. The people at this firm lack these qualities. They are too focused on other aspects such as their fees, and their time. I have noticed that the advisors at this company donít give me sufficient time. Apparently, their time is more valuable than their clientís. I have never seen such a self-centred approach to time management anywhere else. Again, it was very disappointing to see such behaviour in a financial firm like this. 

Considering that they have been operating in the industry since 1993, they have certainly degraded in terms of client service. All the good things I had heard about these people were from clients of the past. Iím quite certain that their service mustíve been excellent some time ago but thatís not the case in the present, which matters the most. 

If you’re a person who respects themselves, then you probably wouldnít like the way these people behave. Initially, they behave like a completely different company. The stark change in their customer service was shocking. At first, the advisors  from this firm used to listen to me carefully and would attend to my needs whenever I asked. But with time, their treatment changed and it seems like they have started taking me for granted.

I have expressed my discontentment regarding such behaviour several times but the people at this firm donít seem to change. Trust me, itís very infuriating to work with a company that doesnít accept any kind of criticism. It shows that they arenít willing to improve, which is a huge disappointment. When you donít accept constructive criticism, you shut off any possibility of improving your company. This is something Conservest Capital Advisors will learn with time. Currently, they are a hopeless case. 

Conservest Capital Advisors Review: Disrespectful Advisors

Conservest Capital Advisors have some of the most arrogant advisors. They donít treat theri clients with respect and take them for granted. Whatís worse is that they donít accept any kind of criticism whatsoever. Because of that, I donít think they will improve these faults too. You shouldnít do business with such a wealth advisory firm. It would be a mistake. 

If I had any idea that the advisors at this company would switch colors so quickly, I wouldnít have spent my money on them. There are plenty of financial advisors in the market. You donít need these guys. 

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