Constance McCall Brevard, North Carolina North Carolina


This is the letter i wrote to the homewrecker that i have not sent yet, but it pretty much wraps up everything that happened. The amazing thing is that she actually moved into and lived at my house while i was trying to clean up some of the mess after my husband’s long chronic illness and i had to be out of town. Then she had the nerve to get angry when i called her on her behavior, like screwing my husband and moving in on my marriage was an okay thing to do, as if she was the injured party. Some cheek! || Ms. McCall: || This letter comes to inform you not to attempt trespass on my property at xxxxxx, Brevard, NC xxxxx. Additionally, do not attempt any further contact with my husband, Rxxx. D….Saks, with whom you conducted an extramarital affair from approximate dates of August 20, 2014 through December 15, 2014. I am also informing you to attempt no further contact with me or Mr. Oaks unless through legal representation. || You were fully aware, upon first coitus with Mr. Oaks, that he was a married man, yet you had repeated sexual contact with him over a period spanning 4 months. You knew he had recently arisen from 2.5 years of being bedridden from a brain lesion, a pituitary tumor and brain surgery (June 5, 2014); that he is heavily medicated (one causing impulse control disorders (ICD and OCD) and hyper-sexuality); that he is disabled physically and impaired mentally (seizures, memory loss and cognitive difficulty); and that I have been his wife, best friend, and caregiver over the last several years. || You also knew that this affair was unbeknownst to me. In fact, my husband had never made any representation to me of being an unhappily married man. You continued this affair with the intent of achieving personal gains and ends, including alienation of spousal affection, possible blackmail and extortion, while trespassing into my marital home and conducting this affair in my marital bed during approximately 40 to 60+ sexual incidents, 5 out of 7 nights per week during September and October 2014, while I was out of town conducting long-delayed family business. You then continued the affair during November and December of 2014 on several more occasions, after I had returned home and had resumed marital relations with my husband. || By your own admission, you reported to your mental health professional that my husband raped you at first contact (where you went camping and slept naked with my husband in a tent), and that sex with my husband was always physically hurtful to you; yet you continued to have sex with him on a regular and frequent basis. Wrongfully reporting a”rape” on a medical record appears to be a set up for blackmail, not a cry for help. || You purposefully alienated my spouse’s affections by habitually professing love and affection for him that you did not feel, by making yourself readily and sexually available, and appearing easily aroused; yet, you professed to me in writing that the relationship was never sexually satisfying to you and that you hated him. You advertised on your website a desire for sexual exploration and encouraged him in sexual activities to include coitus, anal sex (twice) and fellatio, all while you were involved with multiple sexual partners, therefore exposing me to sexually transmitted diseases, and placing me at lethal risk. || You encouraged his compulsive/obsessive behavior by never saying no. You both planned and discussed your eventual marriage and honeymoon; you asked him to marry you in front of your son; you discussed when I could be conveniently removed from both of your lives and when the timeline would occur for a divorce to proceed; that you might live in my home with him and enjoy the benefits of being his live-in girlfriend or wife. || Furthermore, you both wished to continue the relationship once you were discovered and attempted to layer yourself into our marriage as a family”friend” or serve as his sexual partner in an open marriage. You expected me to acquiesce. You tried to initiate him into the philosophy of polyamory,”squishing” and other polyamorous practices; and visiting, perhaps joining, the group sex organization to which you belong. You asked him to get a STD check so that he could attend these group sex meetings. This was not the sort of marriage I agreed to. || All this with a man you knew to be not well nor quite right, and with a wife who had no knowledge of your involvement until Thanksgiving Eve, 2014, when you again let him into your home overnight and celebrated your holiday with him the next day over a ham dinner paid for with our mutual funds. || You solicited funds from Mr. Oaks in the amount of $2,500.00 to enable yourself to get yoga instructor’s certification. This appears to be an attempt at extortion. Fortunately for us, Mr. Oaks does not control the family budget. Although you professed in writing to not be interested in Mr. Oaks’ support or money, you envisioned yourself in our expensive home vs. the trailer your brother provides you and your meagre employment vs. the wealth you saw surrounding Mr. Oak’s circumstances. || It much speaks to character: someone who makes herself at home in another woman’s house when the wife’s clothes and jewelry are still hanging in the closet, her personal artwork and paintings are hanging on the bedroom walls, there is no luggage packed on the landing of the hall, there is a kitchen remodel going on, and you know the wife has not been yet been told she is to be displaced. || The wife who drove him to Mayo Clinic twice, Harvard hospital in Boston for his surgery, thrice to Florida and St. Louis to do his bucket list as it appeared he was dying, arranged for his physical therapy, gave massages, cooked his meals and carried the bed trays 3x per day, discovered and pursued his diagnosis, arranged for all his treatments to be well again, nursed him, put up with his lack of presence and difficult moods, held him during seizures 30 to 50 times a day, supported him upright in public, took care of his responsibilities to his family, found this home and moved him into it, decorated it with her own belongings and those acquired together, who loved him, cared for him in all marital duties, dedicated her life to him, despite his illness and the difficulties throughout, when even her own health was failing? This is the love that you sought to displace with your cheap wantonness and sleazy-thrill seeking behaviors? || No one excuses Mr. Oak’s participation or responsibilities in this affair, not myself nor his family members, but make no mistake, Ms. McCall, your behavior cannot be excused either. Mr. Oaks is again not very well. He will be participating in psychiatric evaluation and treatment and has agreed to make amends to the family members that have been hurt by his behaviors and choices. The medications which exacerbate his compulsive behaviors have been discontinued. He is no longer involved in online dating sites or in extramarital affairs. Despite this effort and his confessions, it is unlikely the damage done can ever be repaired. || You, on the other hand, have never expressed any real regret or done anything other than posture as a victim, when you in fact, were as much a sexual predator as he was, willfully contributing to the destruction of a marriage, because you felt moved to provide sexual favors to a stranger who complained he was not getting enough sex at home after a coffee date and an online courtship made up of fantasy and lies, on the chance that you might get something out of it. In fact, you have chastised me for taking offense to your sexual encroachment into our marriage and vows. You stated your love and sex with him was not a sin. In North Carolina, marriage contracts are still considered legal and binding, alienation of the affections of a spouse, blackmail and extortion are definitely considered a”sin” and the latter two felonies, besides. || For these reasons, I am sending copies of this letter to the blankity blank blank should any further trouble from you arise, and to make your behaviors a matter of record. || In such case, I will seek civil restitution and criminal prosecution. Should such occur, I will also send a copy of this letter to your employer, as I understand you teach disabled people that your behaviors might place at risk. Be it here known, I will seek legal counsel and action should ANY further trouble from you persist. || Sincerely, || His wife || || >

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