Constant Contact, Inc. Review


I have not used constant contact in 5 years. I called to get my email list and move it to mailchimp because of my better experience with mailchimp customer service and easier to use system. At first I told Constant Contact I tried recovering my login but all my emails came up as invalid and that was why I called. | Then they asked what was my email. This was not the first or last they did not listen and ask for information I already gave. When they said they did not know what account was mine, I had to tell them to look for what has my business name, legal name, address and phone number. They said they could not see it. I had to baby them and said open the accounts and read the information. Suddenly they found my account. | I told them I want my contacts sent back on a spreadsheet as it is my property. They said if you do not claim them within 120 days of your last payment, they shut down your account and delete all contacts/subscribers. They said even though you do the work and invest the money it is not your property and they give it to other businesses before deleting. | They deleted my account 3 days after one payment failed! I did not even get a notice! I lost 1,000+ subscribers just because one payment failed! Like the rest of us, they could notify me and I would immediately put in my updated information. | STAY AWAY! You will throw away all your hard work, tears, labor and hundreds or thousands of dollars invested in your company to get those subscribers in a heat beat! You have no way to see it coming. There is no warning and they said it is in the contract you sign that they will and have right to delete from your list and distribute to others as they please, as well as permenantly shut down your account after 3 days following a failed payment. | The fine print is the only way they get away through this loop whole so you cannot do anything about it, or take legal action or recover them. STAY AWAY!


Name: Constant Contact, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Massachusetts

City: Waltham

Address: 1601 Trapelo Road

Phone: 781-472-8100


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