Constructual Concepts, LLC Review


My 6 week siding and window replacement week job turned into a 6 month job. Not one window that was initially ordered came in correct. Carmine never checked the order for accuracy and blamed the salesman. He accepted responsibility. Due to his negligence, I ended up in the hospital! After returning from a vacation after dark, I drove down my driveway was surprised that very little had been accomplished. I took my luggage inside, found a flashlight and stepped outside. I fell 5 feet! He removed my deck, and failed to put up any warning tape or barricades. I ended up in the hospital for 2 days with a fractured pelvis. I would have thought Carmine would have bent over backwards to complete my job but he kept on being a no show. With winter just around the corner, I fired him. During the last week in March, I hired a new contractor and what a difference there is in workmanship and being professional.


Name: Constructual Concepts, LLC

Country: United States

State: Connecticut

City: North Haven

Address: 317 Spring Rd

Phone: (203) 239-7737


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