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Last week I was contacted by someone from Consumer Legal Rights Services claiming that I may have been a victim of investment fraud. Although they didn’t provide me with the name of the company that had supposedly defrauded me, they seemed knowledgeable about the field enough for me to feel comfortable telling them about my few bad investments over the years. After speaking with the first representative for what seemed like only enough time for him to get my information, I was rushed to talk with one of their superiors, Mr. James Davitt. I talked to James for well over an hour, and he was quite a convincing guy at first. He told me that he was the owner of the company, and that he himself had been defrauded years ago. This was the reason he had become interested in “helping” other consumers who had lost money. I now recognize these statements as ways to lower a person’s guard before the next part. He pitched the cost of their investigation, a sum of $7,500 upfront, to take on my case. Of course I was hesitant with that price, so I asked questions. He was a slick talker, and over the hour almost convinced me to write a check several times. At the end, I told him I would think about it, and I am glad I did. That night I researched Consumer Legal Rights Services, and found out they had only been in business for a short time, between a month or two. Then I researched James Davitt himself, and here is what I found: download That’s right, James Davitt is a felon, and not only that, but for fraud specifically. This is a man who is well-versed in finegeling consumers to get himself a hefty paycheck. I finally realized why he seemed so knowledgeable and interested, and that’s because he is no more than a salesman/con-man who has previous experience ripping off innocent investors and consumers. I am so glad I did my research before I worked with this company, because if I had just gone by his word, I would be out $7500. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY OR THIS MAN, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH NOTHING. Hopefully this helps a few consumers thinking about paying this company. They are nothing more than a group of fraudsters led by a dishonest, thieving felon who thinks he can talk his way into being rich.

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