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Complaint: I strongly advise you to not hang your license with Carlos Granados!! If your licensed, he actually has about the same amount of licensed agents working for him as UNLICENSED agents. Carlos acts friendly and helpful until your broker check is delivered to him. Then he looks for any and all excuses to not pay you because he spends the broker check (his and your commission). All of a sudden he adds all kinds of additional fees that were not disclosed or agreed upon. When you ask for your money he has every excuse in the book… I’m not in the office today, IRS problems, out of checks, at the Dr’s, I mailed the check, then finally the truth he cant pay you right now because he spent the money! If your persistent he may agree to payment arrangements, that he pays you with when another agents broker check comes in. When you call and ask for your next payment because the arranged date has come and gone.. Carlos tries to manipulate the fact that he owes you money and has not paid you, has attitude, tries to intimidate you and does not take accountability, and that’s only after several dodged calls, text ,messages and emails. Of course, if you are one of his family members or hommies he pays you!! I am not, andnot the only one that has experienced this trouble getting paid. I know of other agents that have just walked away and went to other offices without being paid by Contact One. With all the great offices in the Rancho Cucamonga area, please work for a broker with integrity and that pays you in a timely manner for your hard work. Think long and hard before you join Contact One or work with Carlos Granados!!! Consider yourself warned!!

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Address: 10535 Foothill Blvd. #120 Irancho Cucamonga, California United States of America


Phone: 909-481-4999

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