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Complaint: When first signing up with Content Development Pros the slimy sales guys tell you everything that you want to hear. Knowing all to well that they are telling you a pack of lies right from the beginning they do not care as long as they can suck you in. It started out as they simply wouldn’t follow our instructions. This let to them actually performing work that we did not even authorize them to do. Then multiple employees starting spouting more lies to us on a daily basis. As if this wasn’t bad enough, their work was absolutely pathetic. They claim they only use In House American copy writers. Yet, this clearly was not the case. whoever, does their writing does not even have the basic understanding of the English language that even a kid in elementry school would have. So needles to say we refused all of their content. They revised is a few times with absolutely no improvements. We completely Refused to accept it. At this point, Content Development Clows were past the deadline which they were given and still we did not have a single usable piece of content. Also, at this point Babysitting them was using exorbatent company resourses on our part. These are not SEO professionals. The only thing they are a pro of is being Liers and Scammers. So at this point it was evident that they could not perform the job and were exhausting to many of our resources in our attempts to continouslu correct them. So with no finished, usable, or accepted work. We toldd them in writing to completely stop the projects and issues a full refund. They completely disregareded our wishes and kept producing low quality trash content in a shady scammer manner in order to try and keep billing us. They were told in writing once again to stop everything and refund. They acknoweleged this and agrreed. However, in pushy scammer style 2 days later they were sending more content and trying to charge us. Now, at this point they were told twice in writing and confirmed that they knew that they were to stop. Yet they just disregard and keep trying to send unwanted content and trying to Bill, in shady company scammer style. I called and to honest, I cussed them out. Why shouldn’t I? They wouldn’t listen, were creating unauthorized work. Not only on this copy writing Project but on a backlinking project, as well. Finally, they agreed to a refund but this was a lie. 13 days later and no refund, even when they claimed we would have it in 24-48 hours. This was just a stall tactic in order for them to try and push more content on us even though they were told sever times in writing and verbally to STOP. Now they are actually trying to bribe and extort us, yep once again in Shady Company Scammer style. I wrote an HONEST but negative review on SiteJabber. They are saying now that they will refund only after I take it down. Now remember 13 days ago, they said that they had already refunded the money and it would clear in 24-48 hours. Proof they lied. And now seriously trying to use extortion and bribery to remove a negative review WOW, can a company possibly get any shadier? I think not! So, as a person who uses the free internet it is my write to leave honest reviews either positive or negative to reflect my experiences with any company and Due too new laws here in the good ole USA, I can do so without any interference or revenge being taken against my from whatever company I review. So, do you think I will bow down to Bully Scammers. Hell no! I added to the negative site jabber report with there own emails as they were telling lies and trying to extort me. Then I filed a Complaint with The Better Business Bureau, wrote them Up on Pissed Consumer, then negatively reviewed them and proved their bully extortion attempts. Also have a copy of everything on Google Review. Because of the Extortion attempt I will also be filing a complaint with the federal Trade Comission. Not sure if it will help but just to be thourough, I might drop a copy of this bribarey extortion attempt into the FBI’s Cyber Crime complaints as you can submit online. With that being said i am uploading screen shots of their emails proving that they lied about refunding and that the Shady Scammers are trying to Bribe and extort me into removing honest negative reviews. Please see the image uploads. To any one reading this, Please never give into online scammers, bullies and shady demands from Shady Companies like Content Development Pros!

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