Continental Cellular Omaha Nebraska Review


First off, if it was possible to give this business no stars I would do just that. This business does not give you what you pay for. In my opinion, it truly is a scam. I will do my best to give you an in depth description of my experience. If you want a true picture of this business, you will read everything. In July I brought my 4th generation iPod Touch to have the shattered screen fixed. The business claims to charge approximately $40 for the repair because repairs were about $80 but they were half off. I was charged $117 and some change. I simply assumed that it was due to the fact that I asked for a new battery to be replaced, and to change the glass from black to white (which actually did not add to the cost) aside from tax. The initial u201crepairu201d was actually done quite fast. Upon receiving my iPod the glass was not properly in place, the home button was crooked and didnu2019t work, and the battery had not been replaced. I took it back in after exchanging a few emails between the owner Mike and they repaired it as fast as possible, but just like the initial exchange, my iPod was not fixed. I had it for about a week before I was fed up with the pitiful job done on my device. I sent Mike an email about my issues with the poor work and that I desired to have a full refund of my purchase or I would be going to my card provider. I also let him know that one of his employees lied to me initially about even having the repair done vs. getting a new iPod. He convinced both my father and I that the 5th generation iPod would not be worth the investment. I, trusting him, believed him. Not only that, but I again, I was stuck an iPod that STILL didnu2019t work. The home button didnu2019t work, the battery still wasnu2019t replaced, and in addition to that, I couldnu2019t take pictures with the front cameras because they messed up the screen. Mike responded with a threatening email saying that he had my signature on hand saying that I agreed to the contract. I agreed to pay them to repair my iPod and they HADNu2019T DONE THAT. I went back to Continental Cellular to talk to Mike himself to try and get my iPod fixed one last time. This is where I do appreciate the customer service that the employees give. There was a young woman that helped me with my iPod. Seeing how incredibly frustrated I was, she offered to just switch out the iPod. I accepted the offer even though it was quite difficult. The iPod I left with them was my first huge investment and theyu2019d destroyed it, but I went through with it regardless. They were even kind enough to transfer all of my information. The story would have ended there had there not have been more problem with this iPod that I find myself with now. About a month and a half ago, I noticed a huge crack cluster near the home button. I was confused because I had not dropped my iPod at allu2014come to find out, my EOS balm was in my pocked and the glass cracked. The last iPod I had had been dropped face first on concrete floors and it didnu2019t crack. In my opinion, that means the screens they use are not quality screens. Not only that, I shall take ownership of this instance though I still believe it to be the minimal quality glass, but the iPod dropped on my dorm floor WITH THE CASE ON, FACE UP, and the cracks on the screen continued to expand. Now the home button doesnu2019t work, the battery is bad, and the iPod itself works sparingly. Iu2019m back at square one. Iu2019m writing this review because I believe people really need to know what they are buying. I am a young woman who is very careful with her money. I would have had so much more respect for this business had they 1) Told me just to buy another iPod. I know thatu2019s not realistic, but itu2019s better than being lied to in your face. 2) My iPod actually got fixed 3) If the owner would have given me my refund of my purchase to get my iPod FIXED which they did NOT do 4) If the owner had not threatened me. To me thatu2019s a big no, no and very unprofessional. I would not recommend this business to anyone that I know. I wish that I would have done even more research on the business before I gave them my money and then they donu2019t give me what I actually paid for. I should have realized and paid attention to those who were upset when I was inside the building. Each time there was an individual who was satisfied with their u201crepairu201d. I wouldnu2019t post this if I didnu2019t think that people needed to know this information. You will truly be better off buying another device, in the care of an iPod, or going to another business. I am very, very, very upset that I actually spent money on a faulty iPod. Invest your money elsewhere, not here.

303 South 72nd Street Omaha, Nebraska USA

(402) 391-3100

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