Continental Finance Company Complaint


A few months ago I applied for this credit card in hopes of rebuilding my credit. Although I knew about the initial fees, I did not realize their unethical methods of charging late fees on your account. When I first activated the card, I was contacted by a very rude employee asking that I make a payment. This was of course two weeks before my scheduled due date. After I made the payment, I was told that my payments are due on the 15th each month. Well, after making my next payment on time I realized I had been charged a late fee. When I called them to ask why, they said because my payment was due on the 12th. This was completely bogus because we had agreed that the payment is due on the 15th each month. Not only do they change due dates on you causing additional charges, they charge you all kinds of fees for just making your payment. Once I realized the unethical standards of this company, I asked them to cancel this card. It will be interesting to see if they actually do it. My advice: Stay away from this company.

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