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Complaint: Im trying to junk my car. My husband looks online and finds a place called Peddle. They put us in touch with Copart Direct. I tried to get ahold of someone yesterday, May 8th to come pick up the car and there was no answer. So someone called me today and said they could pick it up tomorrow. But, I wouldnt get the money until the insurance saw pictures and it was confirmed the car was sold to them. (Isnt it considered sold when I, the seller, have money in my hands?) So, I get home from picking up my daughter from school to find a Spanish speaking guy (I dont speak Spanish) looking over my car with his clipboard, getting ready to hook it up to his tow truck and take it away. My husband was able to communicate to the guy that we would not be selling it to them and he acted real disappointed and left. First of problem is..when I sell my car. I expect money to be in my hand before the paper is signed and the car is taken away. They wanted me to sign over my car to them then wait for the check in the mail. Thats false advertisement..they sent me an email saying they will pay by cash or check in hand when they come pick it up. Second of all, the lady I spoke with said they will drop by tomorrow and call me 1 hour before they arrive to take it. So why did this guy show up at 3:30 this afternoon with no phone call?? If I handnt of shown up, my car would have been gone and I would have had no clue to where it was. Plus all of my stuff was in it, like my car seat for my baby and other personal affects. Now, the MVD has put a hold on my VIN and I cant clear it because MVD doesnt take “new calls”” after 4:30. So I cant sell my car until I get ahold of MVD and they take the hold off. So what happens if I get pulled over or in an accident and it shows that my car has been sold to Copart Direct? Im screwed.”

Tags: Junk Dealers

Address: Phoenix, Arizona USA


Phone: 18003467159

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