Copperfield Goldens Review


This lady Ms. Candance Warren with Copperfield Golden Retrievers loacted in Parkton NC. I have contacted her about a puppy and I was shocked and in a big deal of disbelief of what I was hearing about other breeders. After I did some research on this person and asked around about it from several other breeders which it turns out that she is slandering others out there and goes by the name of Tubie on this actual website and it is not good what she is doing. Shame on her so I took my purchase somewhere else of being a serious puppy buyer with not buying from somebody that makes a game of what she is doing with breeding and a mocricy of herself of trashing others. Puppy buying as coming from myself is serious and who wants to listen to somebody backstabbing others out there? Not good. She has dug herself a hole and I would never buy from her nor would I take a free puppy from her if offered either after all I have heard her say about others. Such a shame. .

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