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While on holidays in Hilton Head Island last March I made the biggest error of my life.I trusted a stranger offering me free golf. After he peaked my interest with his sales pitch about free golf and a cash gift of $75.00 from Coral Resorts for attending their presentation the following day,Mar 13,2013. My wife and I attended and were introduced to Brooke R. as our sales agent. we listened to his schpeel and then allowed him to show us the only unit that was available for viewing which was a 3bd/rm at the same time dazzelingus with all the perks of ownership. We were told we would be given 28,800 points if we participated. these points would be used to purchase weeks of vacation at the resort or they could be used elsewhere. Athat time we told Brooke that we had another time share that needed to be sold before we could take part. He said he would make it easy for us. he excused himself and left us for about 10 min. when he returned he placed a piece of paper ( never to be seen again ) with $3500.00 on it and saying that thats what they would give us for our unit.If we accepted we could expect a cheque within 4 months.(still waiting) At this meeting we also told Brooke that the unit he showed us was too large, but he assured us that the points could be split into groups according to the unit size required…………….3bd”—9000 pts/wk…………….2bd””—7000 pts/wk………….1bd””—5000pts/wk for a max. of 5 weeks. Being dazzeled the way we were we said okay and then Brooke introduced us to Winston who would finish the remaining paperwork. Being one who likes to plan ahead

in late August I thought I would book our fall vacation only to be told that if I booked then I won’t have enough points as it requires 68000 pts for one week and I only had 28800. If I waited until 30 days before it was possible that I may be able to get this .NOT NICE. My wife and I have tried on numerous occasions to contact someone at Coral Sands to try and resolve these issues but have come away DISATIFIED



hilton head island s.c. hilton head island, South Carolina USA

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