Cordell & Cordell Review


Attorney L. went down every “red herring” path the opposition took him (lending question to his relationship with the opposing attorney that so easily took him off track of the case). Attorney L. was silent; he made: | No claim to the verbal and emotional abuse complaint against the mother in a Maryland case. | No claim to the order by the Maryland Court that the mother have no contact with a minor child because of those claims. | Made no argument of the coercive and threatening texts from the mother to her daughter, I had been sending to L. | No claims to substantiate the daughter’s desire to live with me. | No argument about the claim by the guardian ad litem saying the mother’s mental state needs to be in question as to let her house get to a level of filth that she did before I filed the motion. Mental state is one of the statutes stipulations for best interest of the child. | No claim that CPS Social Worker Kelly T said, “if the daughter was younger, I would have said the house is unlivable, but she is at an age where she knows what is safe to put in her mouth or not” (Mr. L had a phone conversation with Ms. T but never indicated the scope of their conversation. | No objection that 10 days with the mother was damaging because she has a history of coercion and threats, employing family to try an coerce the daughter to stay with the mother (a history of texts confirming these tactics-which were never shown). | There were numerous other arguments my attorney could have made, but he said nothing; no objections. I told my fiancée that he acted like he might have taken some cold medication, he had absolutely no fight, no energy, and indicated no interest in being there. (it was the day before Thanksgiving and he left town to visit family for the weekend right after, while I had a sobbing daughter asking why my attorney was on her mother’s side-based on her mother’s claims before I picked my daughter up). | It was easier serving my country than it was to sit there and be humiliated by the court of Winn County. I had “cross-hairs” pointed right at me and the opposition and commissioner “daring me” to say anything. My daughter was, literally, ripped from my arms a second time. | The only recommendation L made was to have the parents communicate through some program; Family Wizard. Which was an additional $100.00 that I had to spend, in addition to the $12, 412.00 I paid Cordell Cordell with zero results. When I asked for a refund, or partial refund for their lack of representation, they simply claimed, “you will have to assume we have reached an impasse and good luck in your future endeavors.”


Name: Cordell & Cordell

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Albany

Address: 9 Washington Square, Suite 201

Phone: 1 866-323-7529


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