Corey P. Smith Credit Consulting Review


Corey P. Smith is a PREDATORY SCAMMER, and some light must be shown on his outrageous acts of deception and thievery. He has multiple publications one YouTube and such to give you the idea that he is a reputable credit specialist, but this is his ploy to get you in. | Once in he devises some plan to get you to make a monetary deposit for any reason, hes GONE!!! He conned me for a 5k deposit on a structured credit revitalization. He changed his numbers and disappeared. The FBI and other organizations have sought after him on several occasions. We have the proper authorities looking into our claim as we speak. | Just know, any and all business with this guy is fraudulent. Hes taken from a single parent household of a young black mother. He has to be stopped


Name: Corey P. Smith Credit Consulting

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Memphis

Address: 3238 Players Club Cir.



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