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You can find my original reports, plural, on various websites. I am now appending my information with a whole new report so that anyone who does the proper research may be able to find this bit of news. | John Paul Martin, aka LandGavel on eBay aka Corner Marker Properties LLC is currently under investigation by eBay. I did the research on two properties he has in auction at this moment. I contacted the San Luis Obispo County Assessor’s Office and got the real owner’s name and address. Then I did some research online and was thankfully able to find the lady’s phone number, and I contacted her this morning and warned her that if she were to sign the title over to John Martin that she would not be paid, just like how Susan Quirin was not paid for her property that I eventually obtained title to after pursuing John Paul Martin, aka John Martin, aka LandGavel on eBay aka Corner Marker Properties LLC with a criminal proceedings through the San Luis Obispo Police Department. | I have to thank Detective Steve Orozco for his diligence in pursuing John in my case but after my case was finished John didn’t pay Susan Quirin, an elderly lady who is more or less cripple. I vowed I would follow John Martin to the grave if I needed to, to ensure that he doesn’t have another opportunity to rip off another person. So I got that lady’s phone number of the current listing on eBay and called her this morning and she thanked me and this put an end to his current deal with that lady. | Then I contacted eBay with my findings and let them know about John’s behavior being a pattern. So I gave them all the information that I was able to obtain and they said they would contact the Assessor’s office and verify this information and that if it is found to be true THEY WILL PREVENT HIM FROM USING EBAY IN THE FUTURE and cancel his present auctions. If you want to contact me, it’s my name with no spaces or punctuation and I’m with gmail. (the instructions here are not to provide my email address, so I didn’t do that, but if you’re smart, you will know how to reach me)

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