Corner Stone Treatment Center Carson California


Complaint: Howdy too all that is reading this. Let me start off by saying not all drug treatment centers are as they seem. I was once a client of Corner Stone drug treatment facility. In oh boy let me tell you they talk so much about how there protect by the hipaa law in california law,but so quickly I learned that did not care about the law what so ever. Well yes maybe the owner & ceo in a few others would take things like that serious but there staff is down right immature. I had a medical condition going on in was embarressed too talk about it so I recalled them saying how confidentiality is so import too them so I imformed them no later then 10minutes I walk into a hallway were the staff was laughing with other clients about me. Which was heartbreaking they were suppose too help me now I must go see a therapist because I can’t sleep right at night this company emotionally destroyed me extremely more they they helped me. I beg them too take me too the emergency room on several occasions which the staff didn’t go threw with until I told them I not going anywere until I’m taken too the ER I had too call my mother so that she can basically verbally force them too take me which is breaking another law they so expressed was so important too them. They broke the Hipaa Compliance Law “Gossip”” “”Public Places”” also broke the California Law 3-100 Business & Professions Code section 6068 subdivison also under paragraph (B). Im looking too take this too the media within the next week. I feel what client’s disclose should not be talked about too other client’s this can possible taught me the rest of my life I’m appalled.”

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Address: 1950 17st tustin,ca Tustin, California United States of America


Phone: (714) 730-5399

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