corrupt courts reading Pennsylvania


Complaint: On Juanuary 4 2012 as I was being gang stalked by the FBI, police in Reading and New York City through illegal wire tapping of my phones and internet service , and a illegal GPS placed in my vehicle. These individuals were pursuing me in a conspiracy to silence me from exposing the Queens County Prosecutor and Court in the framing of three individuals in a homicide trial. Other members involved with their conspiracy were Reading Hospital , Berks Couny Health center, Saint Joseph Hospital , these individuals were depriving me of medications and refusing me treatment. Berks County Family court and kings County Family Court enjoined in their conspiracy pursuing me in my child costody case. In the Berks County Court they refused to allow my witnesses to testify, and deferred the case to ny where they have been running back and forth for 27 months. The judge in conspiracy with others framed me for domestic abuse instructing the mother of my son to file a false police report so they could jail me. They held an illegal temporary order over me for 17 months for which the court lacked jurisdiction over since the allegations that were alleged to have occurred in Pennsylvania. Trialed me for these offenses that the court had no jurisdiction. During the trial the judge coerced the mother and refused to allow me to question her on prior testimony in the Berks County Family Court. Its been 17 months now that the court has deprived me my right to my child. The court declared Emergency Jurisdiction in an attempt to strong-arm me into giving them jurisdiction over the custody matter. During those months he would say things like Im not goin to give you an order to see your son unless your submitting to giving this court jurisdiction.At the end of the trial they found me guilty of menacing in the Secound degree when the mother never even alleged being threatened with the use of a fire arm. All of these acts continuing until today and the Federal courts acting in condonation of their conspiracy. Days before and even after I filed my federal complaint they would send me death threats over my internet service saying “if you continue with these lawsuits and anti-government shenanigans we will be forced to take care of the problem””. Up until today they suspended my liscense in Ny so I wouldnt be able to commute to the Family court proceedings

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: and instructing the reading water Authority to harass me with illegal turnoffs and increase my utility bills. So much for Civil liberties in the United States. These Sadistic crimes against individuals are said not to be racially motivated but on the contrary they target individuals that havent the income or the experience in court to fight back. As soon as you put up any resistance they try to either drain you financially or threaten to kill you. Anybody reading can follow my complaint filed in the United States Court Eastern District Court of New York (1:12-cv-06262). which is Another corrupted court for which I had to strugle with them to file documents and they pulled pages from my exhibits so they wouldnt be open to public view

Website: 330 Jay st. brooklyn, Select State/Province USA

Phone: the district juge acting in conspiracy with the defendants dismissed all 23 defendants from the suit. this case will be on appeal soon and petition for writ of cerrotarari before the United States Supreme Court. I will also be filing a petition to congress seeking to change some Family court Laws

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