Cotham Drive Trailer Park huntingdon Tennessee Review


Do not attempt to rent from these people. I tried to rent a trailer from them and did a background check wich I told came back fine. I later found out after paying my deposits that the background check supposedly came back bad. I was told the owner would have to write me a personal check for the return of my deposits that could take days to get to me. The manager would not tell me the name or state the owner lived in. I had a feeling a scam was taking place so I did a background check on myself and it came back crystal clear. I confronted the manager and only got reassured my check would come. my check has still not come and I just found out it will cost more for me to get my deposits back than they are worth. Do not rent form these people. There are much nicer places to rent so its better not to even take the risk. nprivatenhuntingdon, TennesseeU.S.A.

295 Cotham Drive Huntingdon, Tennessee U.S.A.

731-535 3109

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