Cottman Transmission Gaithersburg Maryland


Complaint: So my tranny died. I found Cottman Transmission in the paper and decided to give them a shot. Met Wade, the owner of the shop, and he made us feel very comfortable about the job. BTW, my car is a 1990 BMW 535i, automatic, with at the time 213,036 miles. The car would go in reverse, but not into any of the forward drive gears. Before the car’s transmission died, the car drove very smoothly with no odd sounds or anything. Shifts would be slightly rough, but not too bad. After waiting about 17 days in their shop, the car was finally done. Needless to say, I was excited. I took the car out and first noticed its roughness at idle. That wasn’t there before we took it in the shop. I gave it a rev, sure enough, it sounded like something below the car knocking and created vibration. I went back and asked Wade about it, and he said the tranny was fine. His exact words, “that thing is bulletproof

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Address: you can drive it as hard as you want and itll hold up just fine””. I was a bit skeptical about it

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Phone: but took his word for it. I believed him. Biggest mistake of my life. Sure enough

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