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Complaint: Cottman Transmission rebuilt my transmission in October of 2001. In November while at the store on a Saturday, I went to put my car in Reverse it would not do anything. I called Cottman 1 800 number for free towing, the gentleman told me to call any towing service and Cottman would reimburse me I assure him my car was still under warranty. Cottman repair the broken plastic ring and would not reimburse me for towing. In June 28th, 2002 I started having accleration problems I call Cottman since they rebuilt the transmission and told them want was going on. I took the car to them they said, it was electrical problems. So I took my car to three other transmission shops and they all said, it was the transmission slipping, I called Cottman back, Tammy told me to bring it back in, Cottman fixed my car in the first place so I thought they would be fair. I took the car in on a Friday. They were still trying to say it was an electrical problem, and it would cost me $320.00 to have it repaired. I said ok, Monday never call me, my boyfriend called Tuesday still nothing. I called Wednesday and Ron the manager said there would be additional cost, still not telling me what is wrong with my car, and he needed to consult his tech across country. I told him you said my car would be ready he says things like I didn’t break your car and you don’t get anything for free. I told him I just wanted to be treated fair.I asked my boyfriend to please go get my car from Cottman I didn’t trust them they had the car all week and still didn’t fix it. He still wanted the $320.00 but after sending my boyfriend to pick it up he was angry but he release it saying NC still having problems. Then I notice I had deep starches on my car, I called Ron, he said, the dance studio next door probably smack my car. Those starches were deep not dented. I took my car to another shop who has fixed car, He said, if Cottman would had change the piston when rebuilting I would have never had problems. It cost me another $867.23, I do have the part they never replaced. I filed a complaint with BBBand with Bureau of Automotive Regulation. I haven’t heard anything yet. Natelia Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Address: 5174 Plainfield Ave. NE Grand Rapids, Michigan U.S.A.


Phone: 616-364-1400

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