Cottmann Transmission Shawnee KS


Complaint: On Januaury of this year, I took my 1995 Mercury Sable GS to the cottmann transmission center in Shawnee, KS, due to the fact that some slippage was occuring with that car. I took it in and I talked to the manager Mike Allen, who said that he could get one of his techs to do a diagnostic check on it. The tech, a man named Carmen took my vehicle around the block for a diagnostic drive. Upon his arrival he said to me that the transmission on the car was in bad shape, and that a major overhaul was needed, he said this without taking it for a longer diagnostic drive or without doing any type of computer diagnostic check which I thought was awfully suspicious. So I had them replace the pan gasket on the transmission and refill the fluid, all of that costed 86.00. In The middle of Febuaury the transmission on the car was slipping again, so I took it back to cottmann and once again talked to Mr.Allen, once again the tech Carmen took a look at the pan gasket and the fluid levels, all of those things checked out OK, so Carmen wanted to do another drive diagnostic check on the car, this time I went with him because I didnt trust him 100% after the last time I took the car to them. So he drove the car out for the check, we didnt even get 1 block away from the shop and he said to me”well it looks like she’s on her last leg””(referring to the transmission). So I went back to te shop and talked to Mr.allen again

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Address: to find out why they couldnt do a computer check on the car to find out exactly what the problem was

Website: “”How muh to rebuild the transmission”” he quoted a price between 1

Phone: he said that they didnt have the equipment to do that

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