Cottonwood Villas HOA 80234 Colorado


Complaint: We have been fighting with these people for years to do the right things, but they ignore everyone who has rational and reasonable suggestions, requests to fix our problems and make it a better community to live in.Just recently we told the President Randy that we had contractors who could work with the property manager to get the insurance Company to pay for our roofs that are leaking and falling apart.One of these contractors started this process with Newt Thorne our property manager and then in the middle of the process he shut them down.We proceeded to tell Randy the president about it and he refused to hear it and that Newt had done anything wrong!We told him that we would bring the roofing contractors in so that he could hear the truth and he refused!This is after we proved to them that Newt Thorne was trying to make us pay thousands of dollars for dryer vents that didn’t need to be vented to the outside of the buildings and that his plan to do so would of endagered the community and would not of even passed code!They trust this man who is mismanaging our complex and been proven to not know what he is doing! ARE THEY GETTING KICKBACKS!We have given them bids to save us money on contractors and maintenance people that were over paid and no one knew what they did around the complex anyway since most of the work was contracted out!We have given them suggestions, after suggestions on how to save money and make it a bettter place and they refuse to listen!The cleaning company gets over 150,000 dollars a year to clean a clunhouse and hallways once a week………..We have given them bids for a far lower price, get rid of the subcontaractors making all that money for nothing and hire a private small company to do the job for 1/4 the cost!We have asked them for detail financial sheets and all they do is give us sheets that show and prove nothing!We have asked receipts and they just ignore us!One expense is 8 thousand dollars per year for bug exterminators, I have been here for years and never seen them and we have problems every year with ants!They budget for chimneys to be cleaned once a year even sthough it is done once every 4 yrs and at the homeowners expense not theirs!Our billing is done by an outside company, why isn’t it done by the expensive office and emloyees a block from our Complex?The place is run down and they are not proving to us where our money is going and what they are doing to cut costs and now they want to raise our HOA’s.They have run all the owners off and the place has turned into a rental community!It does not matter who we get off the board or who comes on they all end up doing nothing and are a bunch of babbling idiots!Any suggestions! They won’t listen! KIck backs must be their reasons free HOA FEES!

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Address: 12194 melody Dr westminster, Colorado United States of America



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