CougarLife Complaint


CL Media engages in very deceptive and fraudulent billing tactics. Firstly, they require you to call over the phone and speak with a representative to cancel your account. I don”t see why this is necessary if you can easily sign up online, many sites with monthly subscription services can just as easily be unsubscribed online as they can be subscribed to online. Cougar Life does this because they realize 1) it”s embarrassing 2) it”s difficult, especially when you have to wait 15 minutes to speak with someone, I highly doubt that their are dozens of people all waiting in queue to cancel their CougarLife sub. Next, the site itself is garbage and buggy but that”s honestly what you get when you sign up for these dumb scam sites but I won”t blame them for that because I fell for that trap because of my own stupidity. When you engage in illegal billing that”s when I get upset. CL Media bills you repeatedly after cancelling your subscription and deleting your account. Every time you are “accidentally” billed a sales representative ensures you that it was an error and it won”t happen again. Call your credit card company or PayPal and have them block CL Media from making illicit charges to your account as it”s the only way to stop this scam racketeer job from stealing your money. If enough people do this no payment processor will do business with them anymore, however the types of people who are dumb enough to sign up for this crap (myself included) are more than likely too stupid to figure out how to do this or simply be ignorant of the fraudulent charges on their account to begin with.

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