Couldn’t treat my chipped teeth

Couldn’t treat my chipped teeth

Due to an unfortunate accident, my front upper teeth got chipped. One of the features that I liked about my face was my teeth and when this happened, the very first thing that came to my mind was to get it fixed at a reputed clinic. The clinic which was the nearest to my place was Beach Plaza Dental. I googled the place up and opened its website. Under the list of procedures, ‘repair chipped teeth’ was mentioned and thus without any further delay, I got an appointment scheduled at the clinic. I was allotted a slot for the next week.

After waiting for a wait that felt too long to endure, I reached the place on the date of the appointment. The battery of my cell phone was nearly dead but thankfully, the charger of my phone was in my bag. I headed over to the receptionist’s desk and asked her if she could plug in my charger to the empty socket and my surprise, my request was denied. I was told to wait as the doctor had decided to, for reasons unknown, to call in another patient before me. It almost took two hours before I was finally called in. The moment I entered the doctor’s cabin. I was told to wait for a while. The doctor came back from God-knows-where and asked me about the problem. I showed the chipped-off teeth. He took a good look and told me that it could be fixed by putting on a crown. I told him not to go for crowning. I suggested him to go for bonding. After thinking for a while, he agreed half-heartedly. He started preparing for the procedure while I looked around. He pulled out a box that had composite resin which was going to be implanted. It took the doctor another half an hour to prepare.

After the arrangements were made, the doctor took out a scaler and cleaned my teeth. While doing it, he hurt the enamel of another one of my teeth. Ignoring it, he went on with the procedure. After this, He applied a kind of adhesive to chipped portion order to make the resin stick to it. While applying the adhesive, his fingers slipped and the gum was applied on my gum. I had to get up and wash my mouth quickly as I could not endure the stickiness. For this, I was shouted at by the doctor for being a ‘pussy’. I was made to sit down and the resin was applied onto the adhesive. Then, a kind of light was passed to make it hard and stiff. It was evident that the doctor had not shaped the resin properly. After this, I was given a bunch of advice from the doctor. I reached home and slept. The next morning when I got up to brush my teeth, I saw that the resin was nowhere to be seen. I called the doctor and told him about it on which he told me not to call him again as it was my fault that it all happened.So you see, this is what happened when I visited Beach Plaza Dental. I would recommend everyone to never, ever visit the place for even a simple check-up.

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