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I want to let everyone know of our horrible experience with Countrywide Transport & Logisitics Inc. 1/7/2012: Check out my first review on I don’t do reviews, but decided to cuz, the customer service with one of the dispatch was so bad and horrible, that I wanted to let people of my incident. I’d originally dealt with Phil Smith, he was the one that called and emailed to book the deal. Nice guy, but it’s cuz of his co-worker(Chris), that made us decide not to go thru them. Chris is nice at first, but he doesn’t like to listen to the customers, or probably anyone, but like to tell people how the business works, which is fine, but that fact he wouldn’t listen and we have to raise our voice just to try to get thru, made it difficult and gave us a huge headache. I’d asked to cancel our order, but he’d insisted to keep telling us, how the business work and also said, I shouldn’t tell him what to do. All I’d asked of him at that point, was to cancel our order. We don’t care howlong it will take to get our vehicle hauled to our place. Rather give our business elsewhere, even if the price is higher. Poor customer service was the main reason why we’d cancelled. So, if anyone decides to go thru them, best of luck, at least with customer service with Chris. I’d suggest you talk to Phil, if you’re going to go thru them……..4/18/12 UPDATE: Did get my refund back, but it took my bank to file a claim/ dispute. They’d never called my back with proof. Automatically and thank goodness my bank gave my money back. But, today Ifind out Countrywide Transport & Logistics fraudulently charged my card, without my approval! Why would I ever approve a company or anyone I had a dispute with in the first place?! Never! Now, I have to go thru another claim/dispute. It will take another 60 days or more to get my money back. If you go thru them make sure you credit protection, like I do, but it does take long to get your money back. Recommend changing credit card, so they don’t have a chance to charge and steal from you! But, if I were you don’t go thru them, liars and thieves!! Tried calling them, but their number is disconnected!

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