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This company pissed me off! I consider myself smart and observant, and this is a misleading concept for a tutor site. It claims to have an “upload documents in order to view documents” trade-in value type thing. But it is overly confusing (probably on purpose), and it’s tricky to navigate without being charged money randomly! I’m trying to find helpful resources to pass my class, and I sign up for their membership…and I SWEAR (on my life) that it said Membership was like $10-15 a month. I was awake, alert, and sober when I signed up and I am careful with my money. And I don’t have extra money to give away! | I signed up 2 days ago, and I viewed TWO documents. While viewing them, I kept having to click “View more” and it kept showing me more of the document little by little. WAS I BEING CHARGED FOR THIS??? Because it said NOTHING about being charged for viewing documents. I don’t know, but they ended up taking out $120 in my account within 2 days. Then I look in my email, and it says I signed up for the “Premium Membership” of $120/year. NO I DID NOT! I signed up for monthly payments! I’m a broke student, like every other student! | Website LOOKS legitimate, but they’re just another company to steal your money. This website confuses people on purpose. If you’re going to take out that much money from people. you need to make it obvious that you’re doing that!! | I will stick with tutor site !!! They are honest, don’t steal my money, and it’s much less confusing to use.

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