Courtney Clark Davis Birch Run/ Clio/ Saginaw, Michigan Michigan


My daughter’s father and I have been dating for almost 4-5 years. We’ve had our fair shares of fights and disputes, but we’ve been trying to work things out and get our family back together.† We’ve spent a lot of time back together again and doing things as a family going up north with our daughter and visiting family -just trying to be a FAMILY. || Well come to find out my homewrecking slutty dumb-ass bitch of step-sister was caught fucking my daughter’s father after she paid me 60$ to babysit two of her kids as she told me she was going to visit her HUSBAND who was in the hospital. Itís disgusting as hell. You can’t trust any bitch, not even family. She’s has 3 children of her own and she has step kids too! She just would rather walk in and wreck my family.

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