couture consign west palm beach Florida


Complaint: Couture Consign owned by Lynne Levy is the worst consignment store around. They sell phony purses shoes and clothing. Lynne Levy will tell the consignee the item hasn’t sold and it has been donated when infact she has either sold it or kept it for her own use. Lynne Levy is a theif on 11/26/2006 she went into Saks Fifth Ave and tried to walk out with a fur coat and was arrested. She also tells UPS that she never received items she ordered from high end store (ex. Bergdorff Goodman) when UPS leaves packages on her door step without a signature and has the store send duplicate items when infact she did receive the items. She wears clothing and then reattaches tags and constantly returns the item as if they were new. She is a liar and the most dispicable woman on earth. Ladies never go to her store you will be RIPPED OFF

Tags: Sales People

Address: 1511 E Commercial Blvd, Internet United States of America


Phone: 954) 689-9277

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