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Complaint: The last thing anyone wants is to be involved with is a scammer and unfortunately for me, Furkat Kasimov, I was involved with exactly that thanks to Melynda Choothesa. This complaint comes from a situation in which I hired Ms. Choothesa for a stylist and designer position with my company. Like many stylists and designers on Yelp, she had great reviews. I ultimately chose Ms. Choothesa from her company Couture Zen because of her excellent portfolio and what seemed like, eagerness and interest in taking on my project. Ms. Choothesa was hired to help my company create two outfits for winter, spring, summer, and fall, which according to her portfolio, should have been a simple task. In our initial discussions, we were very happy with her interest. After asking questions and suggesting ideas through our phone conversations, she seemed to know exactly what we were looking for and like she was going to do an amazing job. The project started on March 20th, 2019. On that same date, my company paid her a deposit. When confirming the due date of the project, we were told it would be just within the week. As soon as the deposit was made, Ms. Choothesa stopped communicating with us. While keeping our deadline was important, we would have been okay with it being a few days late. After the deadline passed, we did not hear from her. We tried to contact her with email, SMS, and phone calls. None of our messages bounced but we never got any response. Not wanting to come off as a spammer by sending her too many emails, SMS, and phone calls, we let it go, thinking maybe something bad happened to her. Finally, she got back to us saying that her grandmother was sick in San Diego and required her care. Yet, our project remained undone and a couple weeks passed without any communications. As time went on, I had reason to believe that it would have been okay for me to spam her inbox because I was for sure dealing with a scam artist. You see, I found out the truth when I had a coworker contact her pretending to be interested in her services. Ms. Choothesa told my coworker that she was in LA (even though she told us San Diego) and was available for new work. At that time, I continued to try to reach her and did not get a response, while she followed up with my coworker wanting to move forward with his project. This went on for a while before I requested a refund from PayPal. I believe she saw that refund because it was all too coincidental that immediately following my request for a refund she emailed me apologizing for the delay and said she would refund my deposit. I wasted a ton of time and energy trying to work with Ms. Choothesa only to be out the money I paid her and so much time. To date, I am still waiting on my refund.

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