Covaleski Wilson Construction


Paid $21,000 to Covwilson to remove 2 existing layers of asphalt, install cast iron drain in front of garage and extend driveway. | Needed to pitch water away from house because I was having issue with water coming in garage. When he came out and quoted me made it seem like a no brainer. | They only removed one layer of asphalt, installed plastic drain and pitched even more square footage back to my house so now when it rains water enters garage worse than when I had no drain. | Water that does run down driveway toward street doesnt go into center of driveway it goes off asphlat and into my grass and mulch casuing more issues. | I have puddles everywhere for hours after it stops raining. | Asphalt is sticking up past sidewalk causing a tripping hazard and isnít even tight to my house in some areas causing more water issues. | When I called Brian, he told me I got what I paid for hung up and hasnít returned my text or call. | Since they made the problem worse, I had to get another paver to come out to look at and he ensures me he can correct issue but must remove all the new asphalt that Covwilson did costing me another 15k.

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