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I would LOVE to know who posted the other report of Viresh, Please lets join forces. I run a LEGITIMATE model agency in the USA, and Viresh decided to pitch and try to steal one of my models. I found his materials on COVER MODELS website so told them to please take it down, any respectful agent would do so. Instead he started a personal attack on me, hiding behind the cover models facbeook page. One Google search led me to these articles on Ripoff Scams which are hilarious and made me feel a lot better so thank you—and Viresh if you’re reading this obviously you’re a very hated person. I am a former model, he went on to insult my appearance, weight, how I promote myself and my company. He threatened my company and said he would blacklist it with all his connections, ok have fun doing that from OTTAWA CANADA While i’m in a major metropolitan US City. Also one google search can show you how ugly he is, he has no right to harrass and put down strong women and especially insult my appearance and my company. I’m also a young business owner, 25 years old. He is twice my age and should pick on someone his own size. Models be warned, this is not someone you want managing your career, unless you want a manipulative, sociopathic, harrassing loser.

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