Covered Collision Centers Review


Gave them my mercedes to paint, they had it over 4 months long. told me they were waiting on parts . in the end, there was several missing parts from the vehicle, there were alerts set on the computer system that things were missing, my convertible didn’t work because someone had taken parts from the trunk that activates the convertible, my headlights electrical had been tampered with and my headlights were not working correctly. i had ordered a new after market bumper , they installed it with out my fog lights and returned it that way, just blank holes in the bumper. $1300 additional dollars spent to repair the car as the convetrtible didn’t work and I could not drive at night because the lights were out, blinkers were off, and no fog lights were returned. the car was not the same car when I finally got it back. parts were definitely taken and items were tampered with and they didn’t even put the lights back on it after they installed the bumper. the mercedes dealership diagnosed the entire car and concluded also that parts were missing inside the car that shouldn’t have been touched with only a paint job. I have contacted the owners pending response


Name: Covered Collision Centers

Country: United States

State: California

City: Escondido

Address: 753 W Washington Ave

Phone: 760-294-9246


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