Covington Who’s Who Medway Massachusetts


Complaint: Received unsolicited call at my small business from Covington Who’s Who. Caller used extreme flattery, telling me that my associates and friends had raved about me, my values, my business practices. Claimed I was extremely fortunate and worthy to be included and it would be a great marketing tool. After long sales spiel finally got around to $ starting with I think $799 or so, then gradually lowering the price to finally $199 which I reluctantly agreed thinking maybe it would be cool to be in Who’s Who. Sales person extremely agressive saying I had to accept this honor right now which should have been a red flag. Later discovered they charged my credit card twice. Once for $128.95 and again for the $199.00. I never agreed to more than $199. Their tactics are appeals to your vanity, wearing you down, lowering the price until you bite, pressure to act now to their wonderful offer, and finally, simple theft from your bank.

Tags: Sales People

Address: USA


Phone: 954-893-0114

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