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Complaint: So I get a call from India probably and they ask if I want to change my service as they have a bunch of other features. I explain to the guy that I dont want to add any services and that the only thing I would do I if they offered service for internet for less then I would take it. He tells me they can double my speed and lower the cost so I said ok. They end up delivering a phone modem and adding additional service. It took me a day and half to set up the internet service as they were incompetant over the phone. They tried to charge me for the phone line which i didnt ask for and additionally when i told them i didnt want the phone service and that I never asked for it they said they would be raising my internet service bill. After wasting all this time of time they then offered me a promotional rate for 12 months after which they will no doubt raise my fees. How about just being honest in the first place>?

Tags: Internet Service Providers

Address: Las Vegas , Nevada United States



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