CPO Commerce Phenix City Alabama Review


I bought a refurbished Generac 6712R, 3899 PSI, 3.2 GPM Pressure Washer from CPO Commerce through Ebay on 2/2/2018. It arrived about two weeks later wrapped in crushed cardboard and tape. When I opened it up, it had broken pieces and a dented gas tank, alone with some missing parts. So, I called CPO and they agreed to allow me to return it. Then a week or so later I seen the same pressure washer listed on Amazon, by the same seller, except this time it stated NEW, so I purchased it. Well, to my surprise when it arrived it wasn’t in a box and was strapped down on a wooden crate with no accessories such as no spray gun, wand, tips, hose, manual, support handle, etc, etc. Well, I wrote another email to CPO complaining about the issues ranging from it being used to everything but the motor and frame was missing. I’ve written at least 8 or 10 emails and spoken with a lady by the name of Hellen in their Atlanta warehouse at least 5 times, and still 6 weeks later, I’m still sitting here with a used/refurbished pressure washer with no parts to operate it. MY STRONG ADVICE IS TO STAY AWAY FROM CPO COMMERCE IF YOU DON”T WANT TO GET SCREWED. Again

I’ve made two purchases from them and both were a disaster and I now have a $900.00 pressure washer that doesnu2019t work!”

P.O. Box 50768 Pasadena, California United States


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