CR Boger Construction Review


Avoid this company at all costs, don’t let their A+ rating with the BBB fool you. This is a new hive of evil high pressure salesmen using illegal and deceptive sales tactics. This company used to be legitimate, until about 3 or 4 months ago they hired all of the “closers” from Evans Glass including the director of marketing who belongs behind bars for the number of people (both employees and customers) he has screwed over the years both at Evans Glass and Pacesetters before that. He has re-created a highly deceptive and corrupt organization within a previously legitimate construction company. The sales reps are expected to engage homeowners in 3 hour long high-pressure sales pitches during which they utilize fictitious price condition, illegal price drops, and bullsh*t today-only offers to trick the customer into overpaying while thinking they are getting a special good deal that other customers don’t get. The reps who are best at lying and getting away with it get the best leads, while the reps who conduct themselves honestly (if there are any left) have been starved out of the company. Reps earn commission based on their “overage” which is a figure that represents how much they were able to overcharge for their product. Some of these guys are getting away with charging up to $8k over the “house cost” which is a deceptive term for a highly inflated price that is the lowest price the reps will drop to before giving up and leaving the house. Evans Glass is now out of business after the Attorney General sued them for deceptive practices, and now those villains have migrated to this company where they are keeping the same corrupt culture going. In the last 3 months this company has raked in over half a million dollars by practicing their black arts of one-call-close. C&R Boger, mark my words, the attorney general is coming for you as well!


Name: CR Boger Construction

Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Kent

Address: 21414 68th Ave S #105

Phone: 425-336-0030


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