Craft Holsters Review


Well, I finally received my Craft shoulder holster, BUT it was worth the wait. I have tried, bought, bought and returned many shoulder holsters over the years and could never find one to satisfy me. THIS IS THE ONE. Wonderful craftsmanship and very comfortable. Also good looking. If you order one of these rigs, make SURE TO READ THE VERY INFORMATIVE newsletter inside the box it comes in. The newsletter walks you through every step that is necessary to “break in” your rig. Trust me, read this and save yourself a lot of aggravation because when you get your holster IT WILL NOT FIT. The tolerances are that fine. You have to work on it, but I got mine done in less than a day and six hours of that was the first step with a PLASTIC BAG. I know, but trust me. After getting everything broken in and my pistol (unloaded) and mags inserted, I discovered another nice feature. The rig harness is EASILY adjustable and I haven”t even tried the four way variations of using the holster. Satisfied customer, J Kevin Curry

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