Craig Riley


I would like to remain anonymous, as he beat up a friend of mine.

His name is Craig Riley. He is from Bellbrook, Ohio.

He gives this sob story about how he has nothing and how he’s always the victim. He can’t keep a job, lies about his military service, he’s a dad beat dad. Has 4 kids, 2 girls he can’t see because he molested them, a son in Texas he abandoned and a son in Columbus he had with another woman, who he denies, while he was married to my friend.
He doesn’t pay his taxes and stalks his next woman to take advantage of financially on facebook, twitter, craigslist and every other dating site out there.
He uses the following emails, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

This is his facebook pages.…

He has 3 active protection orders against him, for assault and death threats. He is also facing contempt charges for not paying on a divorce settlement and he’s been in jail and has lost his license for not paying child support, he’s currently about $16.000 behind.. I demand He needs to stop. Stay away

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