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Complaint: WARNING To FuTure Consumers / Clients: Jeremy Chad Walock dba Creative Patio LLC of 6334 Oak Cluster Dr, Greenwell Springs, LA 70739 is the owner & operator of the patio company we hired to install an aluminum patio on our home. It was an amenity we anticipated would last on our home for MANY years to come. Unfortunately for us, ONLY 3 1/2 (short) years after our home improvement purchase & installation, our patio crashed to the ground in the middle of the night. Jeremy Walock dba Creative Patio LLC used insufficient, ineffective installation hardware, inadequate application methods & procedures, and employed inexperienced / unsupervised crew-workers to come to our home to install our patio – leading to complete application failure & collapse (in 3 short years). Luckily for us, our child was not on the patio at the time the roof crashed & no injury / death occurred. Creative Patio LLC owner (Jeremy Walock) refused to even come out to our home to see the application failure & hidden danger his work imposed on our family for 3.5 years. The owner’s (one) response to our complaints was: “I apologize for the INCONVENIENCE you are having with your patio cover. We warranty our work for 2 years and you are well out of the warranty period … we do stand behind our work but I can’t warranty a patio forever as this would be unrealistic. Thank you

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Address: Jeremy “” After our patio collapsed (& Jeremy Chad Walock dba Creative Patio LLC) refused to even come out & view

Website: were of the same consensus. Upon inspection

Phone: much less stand behind his inadequate application hardware & high risk installation practice

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