I received a letter stating that I had been pre approval for over $5000.00, so I applied for the loan on Monday before the company open. By 9:30 I had recieved a voice mail and a email, first the email ask me to sign in and complete the verification of income which was a link to my bank and for me to sign in. So I called my bank and was told you are never to sign in or give your loginin or password to any one. So when I listen to the voicemail this lady ask me to call this company she didn’t call it Credit net or Net Credit, but they did answer the phone by the Credit net name. Didn’t get to speak to the lady that left the message, but this other lady stated she could help me. So I gave her the information she needed to pull up my information, then she ask me how can she help me. I explain that this other lady left me a message to call regarding my loan, she stated yes we see that a deposit date as of 12/21 is schedule, but you need to sign in and complete your income verification. So I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable giving out that information per my bank also told me that I sure never do that. She stated allow me to make sure that you have no worries that’s just how our company does business since it’s a online company. So I ask her per my bank why can’t you all except faxes or email or allow me to be on the phone to verify my income with my bank. At this time this lady attitude change so quickly it made me feel like this was truly a scam. | She stated that if they couldn’t verify my income through the link that they provided, she would let the loan department know and the loan would not be approved. Oh well it’s not that serious for me to borrow $5000.00 and own $15,000.00 back. Loan sharp if not a scammer please. So when ever you get something in the mail or over the internet, if they are asking you for your banking login and password don’t do it..



Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Seattle

Address: 605 8th Ave. S.



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