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I came to this company June 2014 to design my wedding ring for 8/23/15. They said it would take 4-6 weeks to complete. I never received communication between that time and sent my husband to pick up the ring a few weeks before our wedding; assuming it would be finished since it was a few weeks past 6 weeks. However, it was never started. They said they sent me an email to approve the cast and I had never responded. I was furious! I asked, “Why did you not just call me?” I was married with no ring and did not receive my ring until 2 months later. I had it all of one month and the stones kept falling out. The last straw was the big diamond falling out at church. I asked for a refund and they said no only store credit. So I had them design a new ring. A month into the new design I received an email saying it will be 100% complete by next Friday. That date passed and they said will be done by the next Friday. This pattern went on for an additional 4 months before I finally said I had enough. They would give me a timeframe it would be done by and then that date would pass with no call or email. Out of courtesy I would give it a week, sometimes 2, before I would reach and say, “update please?” After 4 months of agonizing torture and feeling incomplete without a ring on my newlywed finger, I said I am done and I want a refund. They again said no refund. I told them I would consult with my attorney unless they chose 1 of 2 options: I said I will either get a refund or I won’t pay anything else for the ring, meaning I will take it for the down payment given. They accepted the down payment for the ring option vs. going through attorneys. My ring size is an 8 1/2 and they made it an 8 so it had to be resized. After it was resized I had it, LOVED it, for all of 24 hours and noticed 4 diamonds had fallen out and I only had worn it for a few hours that day. I asked for a refund again, begging and pleading to just give me a refund for all the torture, stress, anxiety, depression, and failed attempts for customer satisfaction and a bad quality product; they refused.

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