CrossFit Goliath Review


I first contacted this place in response to an ad they posted on facebook for a 6 week challenge program. The program boasted that upon completion there would be no charge. | I texted back and forth with a representative who never mentioned a deposit and agreed to come to an orientation. At the orientation we were told we had to pay a $499 deposit that we would get back upon successful completion of the program. We were hastily rushed through signing a contract that was never explained to us and at the end was not provided with a copy nor a receipt for the $499. A week before the program was supposed to begin my son made a hockey team that would require a significant amount of time. | That on top of his baseball and my other obligations I realized I had just simply over-extended myself and would not be able to participate in this program. I reached out to the owner, thinking him to be a reasonable man, and explained the situation and requested a refund since no services had yet been provided: I haven’t used the facility or equipment, or met with a coach yet. Unfortunately, I was very wrong to expect a company to actually do the decent thing. I was told that I could not get a refund. | I could either “earn” it back or put it towards a membership. Earn what back exactly I asked, since no services had been provided. He told me that services had been provided as I attended the orientation and he posted nutritional links on the Facebook page. Seriously?? | He is charging me $499 for an orientation he was already giving and posting some links on Facebook?? I let him know that he was holding my money hostage plain and simple. I am single, working mom, on a fixed income. My only crime is poor planning and over-extending myself when I originally signed up to participate. | They usually accept 20 men and 20 women into the program per rotation and I was told specifically by a representative that they had received more than they actually anticipated….so graciously allowing me to back out before the program began would not have been a big deal for these people. Had the program started and I had used the facilities this would be a different situation but I haven’t. | The owner is taking advantage, plain and simple.People please do your research before signing up at this box!!!

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