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Complaint: I was an employee of Crossmark that covered three Walmart stores in Southern Maine. When I took over for the former employee (who was promoted), I began having issues with the management in the Biddeford Walmart. Despite working for another company simultaneously and having no issues, I did with them as a Crossmark rep. I reported this to my supervisor Lorraine Pescatorie immediately to no avail. For several months I serviced all three stores, then suddenly when I was leaving the Biddeford store with 2 empty packages of sports cards that had been stolen previously for the store to receive credit, I was accosted and physically grabbed by the Walmart security team and accused of stealing. I said are you aware I am a vendor and returning this stuff to my company for credit, they said they were and still investigating. Needless to say it was all unfounded, but I was still detained for almost 2 hours in the store for no reason. I complained to Walmart Corporate, the District Manager, my manager, my district manager, my corporate office, and the Beckett offices. This was also to no avail as well. I thought everything was resolved. Three weeks later I was doing another assignment and then the security woman who was peeping at me through the merchandise racks went to her manager and said she could control the store because she had to watch me. What? Almost 4 hours later, I got a phone call from my boss who told me I was suspended pending an investigation. I said this is obviously because of the sports card issue right….neither she nor Curt Dinko responded to any of my calls or emails. Over the weekend I had thought of what a ramrod job I had gotten and how my superiors didn’t see my request to be transferred to another store as important. Instead they were gossiping with another employee I knew saying I was causing trouble and had been trained correctly, etc. I decided that this company who claim they value how fair their employees were treated was a sham. I put my notice in effective immediately. All I have heard since then, since I work for 2 competing companies how CrossMark is the worst move they ever made and they have been treated very poorly there. So my message is a warning to others.

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