We paid William, the director of Crowd PR, $4500 to run two separate campaigns we launched, and I was able to have a few calls with Willaim beforehand, he seemed quite responsive. After we paid the campaign fees, for the first 5 days he was engaged and sent us a couple updates as well as posted a few snap shots of reporter emails he, we assume, sent a pitch message to. | After the first week, he stopped replying as promised. I would need to send about 3 emails and a 3-4 messages on Wechat (an instant messenger app) along with one or two phone calls before he would reply, usually taking about 4-5 days to reply each time around, and his written replies would be very short, usually saying something about how his team was planning a outreach to new media the following week. This was the response for about 3 weeks ongoing, meantime there would be no other updates on the trello board or any notifications. | I wouldn’t go so far to say this company is a complete scam, but very borderline, as William did do some PR pitching, and we did get one campaign covered in The Verge, which is a decent tech blog. But overall, it was a very poor experience. The amount of money paid for the service offered was very far from what the company promised. I would never trust or agree to work with this company again, and now seeing other campaign creators have faced similar and worse issues doesn’t surprise me. I take time to write our experience for the purpose of helping others who might considering this company.

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