Crown Food Carts Complaint


About a year ago, I ordered the drop in concession window ($500) and added the sliding window insert for an additional $300. After months of not having my phone calls returned, not having my emails returned and learning that the company was a scam, I received a “window.” It was of inferior quality to say the least. The welds are so bad that I can not install it for safety reasons. The window insert that I paid an additional $300 for never arrived. On the few occasions that I was able to reach someone on their end, I was met with rudeness and excuses. The owner, Robert W. Scifo Jr. has been in and out of jail for some time now and has recently been arrested again by the Monroe County DA. It seems that his wife Jennifer is in on this scam and is continuing to run the company while Robert is away in jail. How they are getting away with this is unbelievable. The amount of charges against this guy keeps mounting, yet they are still able to cheat people out of their money. DO NOT buy anything from Crown Food Carts. You will either never receive anything or you will receive something that you won’t be able to use. And you definitely will not get your money back. They make sure to ask for e-checks instead of credit cards because they know that if you pay with a credit card, you can fight it. STAY AWAY from this company!! I would have given them 0 stars if possible.

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