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When I first moved in the on-site manager (Taprina) was nice. After a week or 2 I found out different. I started having all sorts of problems. First there was a mouse in my apartment, I notified her and she didn’t bring any sticky pads until 2 days later. I was so afraid to even go in my house I slept at a friendís. When I did get the traps they were old and not useable. Finally 5 days later she got someone to seal the holes in the apartment and put down traps. (1st. Bad management). A couple of weeks later Purina started harassing my company, whenever I would have someone over which is very few times, seeming as I work almost 16hrs. every day. They couldn’t pull in the driveways to pick me up for 5 min. or go outside to take a smoke without her yelling saying get out the driveways you will get someone evicted. (2nd Bad management). We’re supposed to have laundry on site; I was told that the washer and dryer are broke. Her roommate saidĒ the laundry was workingĒ. When I texted prina and called about it no response. (3rd bad management) Then she claiming people are smoking in the building but, clearly it’s her roommate I have caught her on several occasions smoking in the house or on the back porch were nobody is supposed to smoke. (4th bad management) My Bathroom shower handle is broke and the ceiling is filthy, the refrigerator door doesn’t stay closed and out of 3 windows only 1 stays open. (5th Bad Management). The carpet is disgusting in the hallway, I asked about it she said it would be cleaned. Iíve been here for 6 months not done yet. 1 of the tenants in the building smokes crack, I’ve never known what it smelled like until one of my neighbors said you smell that I said yes smells sweet her reply no thatís someone smoking crack. What kicked the bucket is I messaged Prina about a roach seen on the door across the hall from me. Prina replied oh that apartment was already exterminated last week (but apparently it needed another spray) Thanks for letting her know. I felt totally brushed off, about 2 weeks later I was cleaning off a chair for my company to sit on while I got ready to my surprise there was a roach, and I killed it without hesitation but, was so embarrassed by it. (Called no answer) All of this is being documented unlike some tenants I know my rights. If you ever have a problem with an apartment contact the city of Oakland to come do a formal report, they will fine the owner and I bet things will get fixed or they may replace the management and then contact a lawyer. I hate when People take on a job and don’t want to do the work. I have also, tried to contact David (property manager) no response. After talking to another tenant and finding out the owner of crown fortune properties called and went off on her Iíll go the legal way. Plus she lets the school kids come smoke in front of my building when I am home on rare occasions if I open my window smoke flies in. BEWARE.. IíM CURRENTLY HAVING A LAWYER LOOK AT MY LEASE AND SEE IF I CAN GET OUT AND GET MY MONEY BACK. IN MY OPINION THIS APARTMENT ISNíT LIVEABLE ESPECIALLY WITH THE ON-SITE MANAGER IS TO BUSY BEING VERBALLY ABUSIVE AND NOT DOING HER JOB. IíM SURE THEYíVE HAD COMPLAINTS ABOUT HER BUT, NOBODY DOES ANYTHING .

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